Welcome to Seatrax! Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Seatrax specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality and cost-effective offshore marine cranes. With locations in the USA and United Kingdom, we maintain numerous U.S. and international patents, demonstrating our success in manufacturing high quality marine cranes.

In operation on offshore installations worldwide, Seatrax marine cranes are configured for numerous applications, including semi-submersibles, tension leg platforms, SPAR facilities, FPSOs, fixed platforms and others, and are engineered and customized to meet each client's specific needs.

Innovative Seatrax engineers are constantly pioneering new technologies, making our offshore cranes the pillar of stability, reliability and safety. Each Seatrax pedestal crane is based on proven design concepts that have become standards in marine crane production worldwide.

In addition to manufacturing new cranes, we also offer a selection of rental cranes, which break down into easy-to-handle packages and can be deployed quickly to locations across the globe. Using pre-engineered lifts, each of our portable rental cranes follows standard Seatrax design principles.

Seatrax Service also provides numerous resources, including qualified crane operators and specialized rental equipment, to assist in maintaining our cranes and other crane manufacturers' models located on offshore facilities worldwide. As an OEM distributor of SeaKing and Seatrax parts, our Parts Department has an expansive inventory of parts that can be shipped anywhere in the world, including exchange components that we repair and rebuild. Our divisions in Louisiana, USA specialize in the resale of used offshore cranes and can refurbish these cranes to meet customers’ needs.

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When you work with us, you work with the best. Founded in Houston, Texas, USA, Seatrax has expanded its reach to include locations in Louisiana and the United Kingdom. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities allow us to easily meet the growing needs of the global offshore oil and gas industry. Learn more about working at Seatrax and current available positions...

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With a worldwide reputation for its innovative offshore solutions, the engineering team at Seatrax supplies the offshore oil and gas and commercial industries with the most reliable, safe and easily-maintained cranes. Learn more...