About Seatrax, Inc.

With a worldwide reputation for its innovative offshore solutions, the engineering team at Seatrax supplies the offshore oil and gas and commercial industries with the most reliable, safe and easily-maintained cranes. Founded in Houston, Texas, USA, Seatrax has expanded its reach to include locations in Louisiana as well as the United Kingdom and maintains numerous U.S. and international patents, demonstrating our success in engineering, designing and manufacturing pedestal cranes that excel in a variety of offshore applications.

Innovative Seatrax engineers are constantly pioneering new technologies, making our offshore cranes the pillar of stability, reliability and safety. Offshore cranes, in their simplest form, consist of a structure, a machinery set and human interfaces. At Seatrax, our philosophy is to design these three elements of the crane in the most simple yet robust fashion to deliver a reliable and long-lasting product.

Seatrax offshore crane structures are purpose-built for the offshore and marine environment and are designed for the dynamic and abnormal loads imposed on offshore cranes. Our marine crane design centers around the kingpost, which provides the absolute highest level of safety and longevity for the structure. All structures are designed to exceed the minimum required fatigue life of 30 years as specified by API Specification 2C.

Starting with our draw-works style hoist, Seatrax engineers simplified offshore crane design by reducing the number of complicated, intricate components, creating easily-maintained, high quality marine cranes built to withstand the most adverse offshore environmental and operational conditions. These designs include a high-pressure piston hydraulic system well proven to increase the life of our cranes.

While structure and machinery are important aspects of offshore crane manufacturing, cranes cannot operate without human interaction. Because people are such an integral part of crane operation, Seatrax offshore cranes offer sizeable operator cabs to provide amplified visibility, ergonomics and comfort. We continually demonstrate our commitment to personnel safety with guarded walkway areas and ladders to prevent falls. All machinery spaces offer ample room for maintenance of equipment. Included on the crane structure and inside the machinery space are lifting aids to assist in any maintenance necessary for the life of the crane.

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